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Why Uphoria and not Euphoria? Because this massage escape is all about You.

Hi, I'm Nellie, a mobile massage therapist serving the Houston, TX area. My business, ALIGNED UPHORIA MASSAGE, offers first-class restorative treatments that aim to nurture and relax each client with individualized and innovative therapeutic techniques. I create a safe place for healing to occur, using natural and pure ingredients to nourish your body and soul. My mobile service is ideal for clients who want self-care but cannot always find time for themselves. Whether you need a massage during your lunch break, your kids' nap time, or after a long day at work, you can book me. Schedule your next comfort escape where your well-being is always top priority.

Head Massage


Provide mobile, efficient and professional massage therapy services that promote relaxation, stress reflief and overall wellness to each client.


Better the lives and enhance each client's experience to empower wellness and healing. Priding myself on providing specialized relaxation catered to any individual anytime through massage therapy.

Pouring Massage Oil
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